AHAs (AlphaHydroxiAcids) – or fruit acids – have become a very popular ingredient among beauty professionals and customers alike to support desquamation and gently remove dead skin cells from the outer skin (stratum corneum). This process occurs naturally and represents the final stage of epidermal cell turnover and is very efficient in earlier years of life when cell turnover takes approx. 28 days. However, as our skin ages cell turnover slows down and will reach 40 days by the age of 65.  Environmental and lifestyle factors such as illness, smoking, poor diet, stress, and late nights will further contribute to deceleration. Then natural desquamation is less efficient and the surface layer can fail to shed properly. Clumps of dead skin cells remain in place creating an uneven texture, poor clarity and a dull complexion.

Fruit acids help to break down the intercellular “cement”, which normal cleansing routine will simply not do, and glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane) is the most efficient of its kind. So the top layer off dead skin cells can easily be removed revealing a healthy-looking layer of younger-looking skin underneath. Skin regains its luminosity, a healthy glow and radiance is restored within a short space of time. Also, nutrients provided by home care and treatment products can be absorbed more efficiently.

 Treatment Kit   (providing approx. 20-25 treatments)

1x Preparatory Lotion Lotion, 150ml

1x GlycoRadiance AHA treatment, 50ml

(1x Marine Collagen Serum, 50ml or 20x2ml – optional)

1x Calming Massage Cream, 50ml


Client information postcards

Samples of retail products

Dappen dish for decanting


GlycoRadiance is perfect for treating anything from mature skin to acne skin – you will see excellent results on the face or anywhere else on the body.

It is easy to use – no preparation required: It is effective, pleasant for the client and, most of all, it produces the results you expect.

Cleanse skin as usual and wipe over skin with Prep Lotion. Apply AHA with brush to skin starting on forehead and chin. Leave GlycoRadiance for 10 minutes for each treatment. It will neutralise and its efficacy will subside after that. As a precaution, avoid contact with eyes and any mucous membrane although it can be very effective around the eye area.  Remove carefully with warm water. Pad dry and follow with Collagen Serum (optional but highly recommended) and Calming Massage Cream. Finish with a moisturiser with SPF.

Also suitable for back and hand treatment.

Make sure client uses after care products (such as Cleansing Mousse or Milk, Silk Finish) and Collagen Serum that support treatment, protect skin against direct sunlight, and do not counteract AHA treatment.

Price of Kit: £59+VAT (no serum); £119+VAT (with serum)

Cost of treatment: Between £2.50 and £3.00 (no serum)  or £5.00 t0 6.00 (with serum)

Recommended client cost: from £35.00 (£45.00)

This would generate a total minimum profit of £800.00 (or £100.00) per Kit


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