Whitening Serum, 30ml

whitening serum

Whitening Serum, 30ml

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Treatment Gel for severe hyperpigmentation



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Product Description

Treatment Gel with bearberry extract, liquorice, azelaic acid, kojic acid, phytic acid (melanin inhibitors), salicylic acid, glycolic acid and citric acid

Depigmenting gel targets severe hyperpigmentation, freckles, chloasma, pregnancy mask etc. It contains a high concentration of melanin inhibitors as well AHAs that open the skin, help to remove the top layer of dead skin so the melanin inhibitors can penetrate into the skin. Whitening extracts such as bearberry and liquorice help eliminate blemishes caused by age, sun exposure and pregnancy.

Note: Salon use only (Course of treatments x6 to be suggested)

Presentation: 30ml bottle (larger size 200ml available)

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