Skin Whitening Starter Kit

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Skin Whitening Starter Kit

£174.00 incl. tax

Powerful treatment and home care products to remove and prevent hyperpigmentation using a variety of fruit acids

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Product Description

This Starter Kit includes all the products you need for skin whitening treatments and provides for up to 30 treatments at a recommended cost of £35 each.

Products include among others active ingredients such as glycolic acid, kojic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, willowherb extract and azelaic acid to de-pigment skin, inhibit melanin production and promote skin repair and renewal.

Most products are also available as home care to support salon treatment:

Whitening Milk                             200ml

Whitening Tonic                           200ml

Whitening Plus Serum                 30ml (salon only)

Whitening Serum                           30ml

Whitening Mask                            200ml

Protect-R Plus                                  50ml

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 Products are available individually for stocking up and retailing.




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