MarineRadiance Mobile Starter Kit

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MarineRadiance Mobile Starter Kit

£174.00 incl. tax

MarineRadiance  Starter Kit for mobile therapists or home salons

Product Description

This Starter Kit is easy to carry around on home visits and will provide product for 15 Intensive Collagen (or Power) Facials (we recommend to use 1.5 – 2ml of Serum per facial). This could be generating an initial return of £645.00 at a cost of £45.00 for the client.

There will also be product left over (cleanser, toner, exfoliating cream, mask, massage cream). You can offer facials without using the Collagen Serum and probably do at least another 10-15 Purifying Marine Collagen Facials generating another £400-£600 at a cost of £40.00 for the client. Products are very economical in use and a little goes a long way

Cost of treatment: approx. £3.00 (with serum), £1.50 (without serum)

This Kit includes:

1x Marine Collagen Cleanser, 250ml

1x Marine Collagen Toning Lotion, 250ml

1x Eye Make-Up Remover, 150ml

1x Exfoliating Cream, 100ml

1x Marine Collagen Massage Cream, 100ml

1x Marine Collagen Purifying Mask, 100ml

1x Marine Collagen Serum, 30ml

1x Power Cream (Moisturising Cream), 15ml

Promotional Material:

 Client postcards

Samples of home care products

Specification sheets

Excellent retail potential!

Get a Retail Starter Kit with skeleton stock (8 products) for £200.00+VAT

That also includes a Trial/Travel Bag worth £69.50 to sell
Buy both and you receive another free Trial/Travel Bag worth £69.50 to retail!


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