MarineRadiance Complete Salon Starter Kit

Complete Range w. coral

MarineRadiance Complete Salon Starter Kit

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MarineRadiance Salon Starter Kit for Marine Collagen Facials

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Product Description

The 8 products combine to present you with a powerful treatment range for all skin type and ages as it rebalances, re-moisturises, rejuvenates and repairs skin. It is especially recommended for more mature skin.

These are the full-size essentials in this Starter Kit

–          Gentle Collagen Cleansing Milk with green tea, 500ml

–          Refreshing Collagen Toning Lotion with green tea, 500ml

–          Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, 150ml

–          Exfoliating Cream with fossilised coral, 100ml

–          Marine Collagen Serum with coral algae, 50ml

–          Regenerating Massage Cream with marine collagen, 100ml

–          Purifying and Lifting Mask with marine collagen, 100ml

–          Power Cream – Marine Collagen Moisturiser, 50ml

Promotional Material: Client postcards, Leaflets

Samples of home care products

Specification sheets/Poster

This Kit will provide for a definite 25 Intensive Collagen (or Power) Facials (we recommend to use 2ml of Serum per facial) with a lot of product not completely used up (cleanser, toner, exfoliating cream, massage cream, eye make-up remover, moisturiser that are very economical in use). This could be generating an initial return of £1050 (less product cost of £3 for each facial)at a treatment cost of £45.00 for the client.

You would also offer facials without using the Collagen Serum and probably do at least another 10-15 Purifying Marine Collagen Facials generating another £400-500 at a cost of £40.00-£45.00 for the client

Cost of treatment: approx. £3.00 (with serum), £1.50 (without serum)

We also offer you

– Salon Trial Kit for £36.00+VAT

– Mobile Starter Kit for £145+VAT

– Trial/Travel Kit and miniatures for retail

 Note: We can tailor a Starter kit to your requirements – please call us for further information.

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