Hand Cream with Snail Secretion Extract, 100ml

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Hand Cream with Snail Secretion Extract, 100ml

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Rejuvenating Hand Cream

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Product Description

Rich and emollient cream that absorbs very easily into you hands without leaving an oily residue. It makes hands silky soft, treats hyperpigmentation, heals burns and scars and protects skin.
It has a very pleasant fragrance and is very economical in use. What is more, it and doubles up as a nail treatment. Cuticles stay soft and healthy; nails stop splitting or cracking.
Massage a small amount into hands until completely absorbed. Repeat as and when required but at least twice a day when treating hyper pigmentation. Very economical in use.
Our Tip: Also very efficient in improving hard and cracked skin on elbows or feet
 Presentation: 100ml jar

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