Day and Night Collagen Serum, 2x30ml

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Day and Night Collagen Serum, 2x30ml

£125.00 incl. tax

Round-the-Clock  anti-ageing and regenerating treatment for your skin

Product Description

This twin pack of our outstanding marine collagen serums ensures protection and nourishment of your skin round-the-clock and combines all the properties of both the Day and the Night Serum. It improves moisture retention in the deeper layers of the skin htus helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the surface. It also repairs, regenerates and rejuvenates.

Le Serum Jour will look after your skin during the day, keep it well moisturised and nourished, fighting damage that can be done by free radicals. It balances, repairs and rejuvenates, has a soothing effect.

Le Serum Nuit will look after your skin while you are sleeping. Skin regenerates during sleep and Le Serum Nuit provides all the nourishment and ingredients for doing just that. It also combats free radical damage and redefines facial contours.

Will last 3months if applied in a measured way. Use 10-15 drops per application. You may need more to begin with but will need less once the skin has been re-balanced.

This is the perfect partnership for your skin and they represent a synergistic blend!

Presentation: 2 x 30ml boxed dropper bottles


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