Créme des Mains, 100ml

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Créme des Mains, 100ml

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Anti-Ageing Hand Cream to treat hyper pigmentation and dry skin

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Product Description

This exclusive non-greasy hand cream is easily absorbed and has been developed to both treat signs of the ageing process but also hyper pigmentation. It delays, reduces and repairs damage caused by cellular ageing and sun exposure such as loss of elasticity, age spots, and dryness. Its exclusive formula combines powerful ingredients such as marine collagen, squalene and bearberry extract – the latter of which is a well-known ingredient to efficiently fade hyper pigmentation and/or age spots.

Hands look more youthful, smooth and reduced hyper pigmentation. What is more, the SPF15 prevents from further damage. Recommended for all skin types.

Massage into hands until totally absorbed mornings and evenings or several times a day if required.

Presentation: 100ml boxed tube


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