Our products speak for themselves, but that’s not enough. Our customers speak highly of us, our service and our products, so please take a look at what they have to say…

Suzanne Miller Beauty Basingstoke
I have always had a very personalised, informed and friendly service from Marine Beauty Care. The products are innovative and make a real difference my clients’ skin.
Irene Smith and Margaret Strachan Lerwick
We have been using the marine collagen products from Marine Beauty Care for the last 8 or 9 years and have always been happy with service and products – fast delivery, informative newsletter and always another exciting product to try. The marine collagen products are just the best we have ever had.
Sharon Hunt, The Beauty Studio Hemel Hempstead
I have been using the products myself, in my home salon and have always been impressed with the immediate and long-term results. We also used them at the college and students have been very taken with it. They loved to use them, helped out at trade fairs and they were offered special starter packages to help kick-start their business.
Nikki Lincoln, The Mudford Salon Mudford
I am more into hairdressing but also offer facial treatments. The products from Marine Beauty Care have captured my interest as they really make a difference to the skin. I am very happy to recommend them to my customers.
Robert Coleman Walthamstow
I was introduced to marine collagen products at my college and our tutor highly recommended it to us as she has been it herself for years. I like the concept of a collagen-based product, especially marine collagen, and started using it myself. My skin a lot smoother and I am very happy to endorse it. All my clients are excited about it and I have no problem recommending it as home care.
Sophie R. Boston, Lincolshire
After leaving college I started up with BioCol Marine renting a room in a hairdressing salon. I could not afford a large range and I liked the idea of marine collagen. Thanks to the support I got I quickly built up a good and loyal clientele. They all love their facials and use the products at home. We have gone from strength to strength.
Karen Evans, KLBeauty Shefford
As I know Kerstin as a colleague I have used the marine collagen products virtually from the word go. After applying the serum I could see a difference straight away– either on myself or my clients. Skin just becomes alive again and looks more radiant. I have always been happy to support MBC at trade shows or as a sales rep because I believe 100% the products – I could not sell them otherwise.
Dr. Rohlova-Bramble Horam, East Sussex
I have been using the products since I was still working at the clinic and aws very impressed with the feel and the results. I used them in treatmentsand recommended them to my clients, who have had facial injections, as home care. I have retired now but I still have to have my regular supply for myself and I recommend them to my friends.
Bronwen G.S. – Be Beautiful Horsham
I have been selling the marine collagen products for several years now and clients are always coming back for, also recommending them to their family and friends. Very happy with the service and the company’s direct mail service for clients who cannot always come in to pick up products.
Sandra McDonald, The Beauty Spa Perth
I have used the marine collagen products for many years. Recently I have had to take out some time to sort out personal issues. When I was ready to start again I immediately got on to Marine Beauty Care who offered me a really good package with promotional material to re-start my business.

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